Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Once a dancer, always a dancer...that's my philosophy. As a former dancer for nearly 20 years, dance (particularly ballet) will forever hold the key to my heart. I remember attending Boston Ballet performances with Stella Bella (she's my spectacular mother) as a little girl and up into my late teens. As I slipped into my velvety dress, clasped my gleaming Tiffany jewelry and tied ribbons to my hair, I remember becoming consumed with anticipation. Once the primping was complete, my mother and I would set out to the Wang Theatre for the long awaited performance of Romeo & Juliet, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or The Nutcracker (just to name a few). This is a tradition that I cherish and hope to continue with my own daughter one day.

In honor of Leap Day (it only happens once every four years), do something that you love, something that inspires you or something that you've been longing to do. Leap!


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