Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pancake Crush

Happy National Pancake Day! That's right. An entire 24 hours dedicated to the decadent, floury bliss worthy of my food crush. Pancakes remind me of my father who was a hot cake extraordinaire. As a little girl (and even as a teen and young adult), he would whip up the fluffy goodness laden with plump, mouthwatering blueberries on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I remember being consumed by the intoxicating aroma of sizzling batter and thinking to myself only my Pups can make pancakes this perfect. Fast forward a few years and I've met yet another pancake master who is skilled with a spatula, however my statement remains true only my Pups could make pancakes that perfect.
Pancakes also remind me of a rustic romance. Think Under the Tuscan Sun. This is what I need in my life -- a quaint Italian villa (surrounded by vast vineyards, of course) where I can write, drink wine, maybe learn how to cook and enjoy the simple life. I probably wouldn't last more than a month, but the mere thought is soothing. Here's a look at my rustic inspiration board...pancakes and all!


If you make me pancakes, I will call you darling!

{all photos via pinterest.com}

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