Friday, March 2, 2012

Feline Fashion

In honor of the upcoming weekend (and cats), I've decided to share a fun, fashionable and feline-inspired DIY project courtesy of Erica Domesek from P.S. - I made this... (one of my favorite sites).  How adorable are these cat shoes? I mean Meeeow and Purrr. This is the most creative DIY projective I've ever seen and purrfect for Rue Le Chat's spring wardrobe.

Creating this cute and clever cat covering for your twinkling toes is easy...

You will need: plain black loafers, leather or suede fabric, puffy paint (try Martha Stewart's craft glitter glue), scissors and a glue gun. 

Begin by cutting two black triangles that are slightly rounded (for the ears). Measure and cut smaller and contrasting shapes for the inner ears. Use the same fabric to create the nose. Create a friendly (or fierce) feline face by drawing eyes onto the loafer (use a different color for the inner eyes). With the glue gun, attach the ears onto the inside of the loafer. Add the nose and draw whiskers and a mouth. When the puffy paint has dried completely, you're custom cat is ready for a stroll.

Cheers to a crafty kitty-cat weekend!

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