Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Work it Out

This morning I decided to take an early Power Yoga class (like five thirty in the morning early). End result: I survived...and I'm still awake. I bolted from bed at five o'clock in rare form; as chipper and charming as could be. Morning yoga is going to be a wonderfully refreshing start to my work day, I thought. After brewing a cup of Joe and feeding my Mo (that's short for Manolo), I quickly refreshed and made a dash for the door. The brisk morning air greeted my face as I made my way over the river and through the woods. I entered a balmy, dimly lit oasis filled with other morning dwellers in search of balance, harmony and probably a dose of the latest gossip. 
As I twisted my torso through every tiresome turn, I tired to concentrate on the task at hand...downward facing dog...upward facing cat (that's a joke). But the thought of the things that I needed to do took over. Ugh. Only 15 minutes in and already my chakras were unaligned. That's the thing about me and yoga. I always have the best intention of om-ing my way into a blissful coma of inner peace, but it rarely happens because I think too much. 
Although a mental and sometimes physical challenge for me, I will not give up on yoga. I will continue to push myself to achieve the balance, serenity and strength that I so deeply crave, but not likely at five thirty in the morning when I should be sinking in the serenity of own bed. Namaste.

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