Friday, April 20, 2012

Chandelier Chic

I love chandeliers. The intricacies involved in chandelier design allow these exquisite pieces of art to illuminate an elegant and stylish light in any room. Chandeliers capture the center of attention and add character and depth to the spaces they grace. Some designs are so ornate that I often wonder if they are accompanied by enchanting stories of life in lavish Parisian castles or sweeping Swiss chalets. Today, chandeliers are found in many homes, however years ago they were rare and a true proclamation of personal wealth and social status. I recently came across chandeliers strung in different spaces that captured my decorative eye and creative heart.


Do you have a chandelier in your home? If so, describe your style and post a picture on the Rue Le Chat Facebook page. 
  {all images via Pinterest}

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  1. I would love a pretty crystal chandelier in my bedroom! Love all these.