Monday, May 14, 2012

Beautifully Brunched

Yesterday I hosted a Mother's Day Brunch for my mom (Stella Bella), aunt and a few other family members. But this isn't a post about the delicious dishes which were prepared by my personal chef, Mr. Chat. This is a story about my beautiful tablescape (if I do say so myself). By incorporating finds from two of my favorite home décor stores (HomeGoods and Crate & Barrel), my tablescape slowly transformed from a tiny thought to an alluring afternoon.
Upon arrival, my guests gushed over the bursts of blue and ivory illuminating from the table. "Ohhh, how b-eee-a-uuu-t-iii-ful," Stella Bella exclaimed in her high pitched tone. If you know Stella Bella, you know this tone. She was especially enamored with the brunch menus and intricately placed butterflies. It was as if the whimsical creatures had landed on the menus themselves, she said. Oh the results of a glue gun, a touch of creativity and a Saturday afternoon at Michaels. Pure magic.
HomeGoods ~ Table Linens | Flatware | Stemware
Crate & Barrel ~ Dinnerware | Candle Holders
Michaels ~ Candles | Paper | Butterflies

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