Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Take a Dip

In typical Boston form, the first day of May has turned out to be a raw 40-ish degree swirl of sogginess. I wish I was nestled by a roaring fire, enveloped in a velvety blanket and sipping on a mimosa, Bloody Mary or some other late morning elixir. If real life was a reflection of what we have come to know as "reality",  that's exactly where I'd be -- comfy, cozy and diving into Bethenny Frankel's new book Skinnydipping.

In bookstores today, Frankel's novel is about an entrepreneur turned reality TV star. Sound familiar? If you're a Bethenny fan, it is! The plot is a portrayal of Bethenny's life story with the protagonist as Faith Brightstone and Cookie (the dog) as Muffin. Skinnydipping is a light and fluffy concoction perfect for the many beach days that I'm anxiously awaiting. Post-summer book report to follow.

{source: BN.com}

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