Monday, May 21, 2012

When in Doubt

When my creative juices are tapped and I've nixed my nightly knockout (kickboxing that is) because my footwear conveniently disappeared from my bag, I look to my pal Pinterest for some lofty inspiration. Or just a killer cocktail recipe to get me through my favorite mindless Monday TV shows (think the triple B: Basketball Wives, The Bachelorette and Bethenny Ever After). I know. I know. There's nothing intellectually stimulating about these TV train wrecks, but they're the addictions that keep on giving...sort of like Fifty Shades of Grey, I imagine. My friend K-Fox can certainly attest to that. She and I recently had a marvelous (and mindless) Monday filled with sushi, wine and the best reality TV shows a couple of girls could ask for.

So, when in doubt about what to write, just start typing away and eventually something substantial (however not Pulitzer Prize-winning) is bound to make its way from your brain to your blog. As for tonight's cocktail creation, I'm the bearer of flavorful fruit pops and I no doubt have a bottle of bubbly so prosecco poured over popsicles it is!

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