Friday, June 8, 2012

Boston, You're My Home

Last summer, GQ ranked Boston #1 among the 40 worst-dressed cities in America. Apparently the so-called-article is still making its rounds on the Internet because readers left comments as of this week. I'd never compare Boston to Paris or Milan, but I'd never think my quaint metropolis could come in #1 on an any worst-dressed list. There is no way the citizens of Nashville #39, Buffalo #25 and Wasilla (ALASKA) #22 are better dressed than Bostonians. Absolutely not!

The online feature claims "it's the Jurassic Park of fashion troglodytes." Troglodytes?! Now, I did graduate from college and I think I do pretty well with words, but I had to turn to my trusty thesaurus for this term. For those of you who don't know, a troglodyte is just a fancy name for a caveman. Whatever.

One of the worst statements "it's hard to be a fashion capital when half of your population is made up of undergraduate monsters." First off, Boston is not trying to compete with any other city in America. Secondly, just because Boston is saturated with students, it doesn't mean the entire city succumbs to bad style. Third, students have style. Just take a look at my alma mater's fashion program.

Above all, I laughed when I read "and any classy lady from Beantown is bound to be impressed by formal sportswear." Boston may have a double dose of sports bars and college nightclubs, but there is also another side to Boston -- a stylishly sophisticated, post-graduate population. I know because I'm one of them. This writer has clearly never been to Boston.

In the last decade (and even within the last year), Boston has certainly evolved with its fashion, fine dinning and exterior facades. I do think the city could use a luxury lift, so perhaps designer stand-alone stores such as Manolo Blahnik and Prada would do the trick. You know, Downtown Crossing could use a facelift after all. Let's see if GQ rates us again this year.

Four Seasons Hotel

Vertical Catwalk at the Revere Hotel

The TENT at Boston Fashion Week 
{images via various sources on Google}


  1. I spy some photos from Boston Fashion Week! You're right - we are not so terrible as our reputation. I see stylish people every day!

  2. Agreed, Boston Fashionista. Also, style is truly in the eye of the beholder.

  3. So true! I was just discussing this very article with Michael from theTrendyDwarf at the blogger event last week. I love that we Bostonians are still riled up about it and are set on proving them wrong!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Amy.

  5. You're right! I remember reading that article last year and thinking it had no substance. They just wrote it to be controversial. There are plenty of other cities where people where hoodies and leggings with not-long-enough shirts. I think your post is a great response and shows that there is a lot going on here!

    It was great meeting you at BostonBloggers last week!