Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Enough to Eat

While strolling along Bowen's Wharf in Newport one summer afternoon, a tower of tantalizing treats caught my eye. A sign above the display read -- Arianna. I hadn't recalled the what-I-thought-was-a-pastry shop during my last visit to the seaside town. 
The scent of vanilla and lavender greeted me at the door. Vases filled with brightly colored popsicles lined the shelves and a bouquet made of cascading cupcakes graced a corner table. My mouth watered. My inner sweet tooth sighed. Everything looked good enough to eat. But they weren't pastries made for the palate. As I took a closer look, I realized that they were sensuous salts made for the bath. I knew I would indulge in a delicious dip come nightfall.

A skin care specialist named Tal Rotman introduced himself. Now, I'm every cosmetics salesperson's dream come true. They could tell me a tarantula would rid me of blackheads and erase my laugh lines and I'd probably buy it...or maybe not.

Tal introduced me to Avani, a mineral based skin care line from the Dead Sea. Dead Sea
, I thought. This had to be good. After sampling the natural mineral body scrub and ultra rich body butter on my arm, I was told that my entire body would feel as soft as a baby's bottom after one use. Sold.

Next, I tested the skin renewal facial peel and moisturizing cream. Infused with vitamins C & E, the facial peel sounded like the perfect remedy for my clogged pores. And one can never have too many moisturizing creams, so I would buy that too. Hook, line and sinker.

Though it was an expensive afternoon, as are all of my visits to the cosmetics counter, the products (so far) have been well worth the price tag. Two weeks into my Dead Sea skin regime, and my skin does feel softer and more supple. As for the cupcakes that initially drew me to the shop, one was on the house. Thanks, Tal.

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