Monday, July 9, 2012

Polo, anyone?

Mr. Chat and I channeled our inner prep at the Newport International Polo Series at Glen Farm in Portsmouth, RI last Saturday. The US was victorious against Ireland in the 2-hour, 6-chukker match. It all felt so prim and proper -- like something straight out of a Ralph Lauren catalog. We opted for a preppy casual look consisting of white polo shirts and colorful shorts. However, I would have loved to mimic Julia Roberts' polo attire circa Pretty Woman. Remember that brown and white polka dot dress and matching wide brim hat (insert infamous: hoot, hoot, hoot)? There's always next time.

Some consider the sport of polo to be snobby, but it wasn't pretentious at all. Upon taking our seats in the tented area, Mr. Chat and I enjoyed a glass of wine and soaked in the ambiance. It was a cloudy day, but that didn't dampen the mood. Music played and the succulent smell of lamb roasting on an open fire filled the air. Families, and four-legged friends alike, enjoyed fun on the field and others (like Mr. Chat and I) visited event sponsors such as BMW and Alex and Ani. 

After a few players made their grand entrance via helicopter, the crowd stood for both national anthems and the match began. As I watched the ponies prance gracefully across the field, I thought about my father -- a man who had been enamored with horses his entire life. He introduced me to horseback riding at a young age. I thought about the countless times I had been thrown off of a horse and the numerous vows I had made to never ride again. But, I least a few more times. I wondered why we had never been to a polo match. And as the early evening sun peeked through the heavy clouds to kiss my face, I knew the answer.   My father was watching it, too.


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