Monday, July 16, 2012

Postcards from Gloucester

Located 35 miles north of Boston, the picturesque, fishing town of Gloucester inspired the famous novel and film The Perfect Storm. Hailing from a culture that holds fishing and the ocean sacred, I have always held an appreciation for New England's seaside villages. But Gloucester is not only home to a prosperous fishing industry, it's also where artists such as Fitz Henry Lane created beautiful oil paintings.

During a recent stroll along Gloucester Harbor with Mr. Chat, I was immediately drawn to a statue of Fitz Henry Lane sitting atop a hill and overlooking the ocean. Adjacent to the status was the artist's former residence -- a magnificent seven gable, granite house with a third floor studio boasting panoramic views of the town. One step into Lane's shoes and I became inspired (as the mural suggests). I hope you enjoy my postcards from Gloucester.

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