Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wine and a Fitting

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month and Susan G. Komen, Wacoal hosted a wine and bra fitting event at the Ritz-Carlton Boston Common. In collaboration with b.tempt'd, which is the parent company's young and flirty line, Wacoal showcased a sexy selection of bras, panties and shapewear in a ritzy suite illuminated by breathtaking bouquets from Winston Flowers.

I was excited for a professional bra fitting since I hadn't been properly fitted in years. My Wacoal "fit expert" was fantastic. Like many bloggers who attended the event, she informed me that I had been wearing the wrong bra size. I wasn't surprised. My "fit expert" reiterated the importance of wearing a size suitable for my frame; and with her guidance, I was beginning to understand how a bra should look and feel on my body. Once my size was determined, I selected a simple, yet beautiful nude push-up (pictured below in blue) courtesy of Wacoal. Sometimes "the girls" just need a little help. I'm sure the double drama bra won't disappoint.

Until the end of October, Wacoal is promoting three social media campaigns that will raise money for a donation to Susan G. Komen and the organization's crusade against breast cancer. Here's how you can help:

Double Drama by b.tempt'd

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