Monday, November 5, 2012

An Evening at La Galleria 33

Only the brave would subject their business to the scrutiny of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares for the entire world to see. I have to applaud Rita and Lisa DiPietrantonio, owners of La Galleria 33 in Boston's North End, for putting their flaws on television in hopes of transforming their business for the better.

I'm the product of a small business owner so I understand the lifestyle -- long hours, fierce competition, angry customers, unreliable staff. I could write a book. It's not a glamours lifestyle (as some may think) and at times it's not as lucrative as one had hoped. My father lived and loved this life. Blood, sweat and tears.

La Galleria 33 is a quaint, Italian eatery hidden from the hustle and bustle of the North End's touristy main street -- a huge draw for me as some of the best food in the neighborhood can be found on the narrow streets frequented by locals.

I had never been to La Galleria 33 before the Kitchen Nightmares viewing party, so I was a little skeptical. Had Gordon Ramsay succeeded in revamping the restaurant and reinvigorating its struggling staff? Before the celebrity chef waved his magic wand, the food was bland, boring and some of it even frozen. Eek! The dinning room's decor was in rough shape too. Think nude cherubs on the wall. 

With a new chef reigning the range, the evening's robust buffet did not disappoint. Two types of sliders were featured: braised pork with chipotle lime slaw and beef burger with tomato bacon jam -- both delicious, but the braised pork was truly mouthwatering. A thin crust pizza topped with pear, gorgonzola, caramelized onion and arugula scored an A+ in my dinning diary. And no Italian feast would be complete without homemade meatballs (not frozen this time), clams casino and savory veal arancini stuffed with peas. For the record, I'm still dreaming about the arancini. Guests also indulged in olive oil cake topped with a signature sauce for dessert and an abundance of wine and prosecco. 

Rita and Lisa are a bold and beautiful duo passionate about food and family. With help from Gordon Ramsay, the sassy sisters have not only worked tirelessly to transcend the menu and surround themselves with a stellar staff, but they've also exchanged the nude cherubs for a modern, brick-exposed facade. La Galleria 33     is located at 125 Salem Street and serves lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

Rita & Lisa DiPietrantonio

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  1. How fun that you go to check their re-debut out. And the food looks delish. I'd say Gordon worked his magic!

    1. Gordon Ramsay and the entire staff at La Galleria 33 did a stellar job.