Monday, November 26, 2012

Vegas Baby Lust List

I have been wanting to write about my HomeGoods StyleScope since the online home décor personality test was launched a few months ago. I'm a lover of chic design, traditional décor and really anything that involves an excuse to shop at HomeGoods. During Thanksgiving break, I was able to relish in the elements that speak to me and inspire the musings on Rue Le Chat: beauty, style and décor.

HomeGoods partnered with interior designer and television personality Taniya Nayak to create StyleScope. Simply choose five out of 36 featured images that represent your personality. My five choices included a diamond {girl's best friend}, red lips {fierce & in control}, a white rose {femininity}, strand of pearls {classic style}, city scene {on the go & in the know}.

According to my results, I'm Vegas Baby -- a person who blends bold colors with metallic hues. That sounds about right. I love the serenity of gray and silver, but I'm also drawn to the boldness of red, purple and turquoise. At times, though, I play it way too safe with colors, accents and accessories. I shy away from taking things to the next level with a faux fur pillow here or an ornate zebra rug there. I need more splashes of pizzazz and a few "conversation pieces" in my home.

On a recent trip to HomeGoods, I came across a few Vegas Baby-inspired items for my Christmas Lust List. What's your HomeGoods StyleScope? Take the quiz, share your results below and start building your HomeGoods Holiday Lust List.


  1. Those bottom 2 pics... I love that beaded pillow!

  2. Hi Jaime. I have those pillows in my gray, white & red living room. I love them!! I also have a similar mirrored table for my cosmetics and perfumes.