Friday, November 30, 2012

Where's the Meat? :: Fogo de Chão Boston

The hottest spot in Boston for skewers of succulent steaks is none other than Fogo de Chão. Pronounced fo-go dèe shoun, the southern Brazilian steakhouse recently opened in the Back Bay space which formerly housed The Palm. I had the pleasure of stuffing my face dining on a montage of mouthwatering meats with Mr. Chat one brisk November evening.                                      

Upon entering the bar, I was greeted by an eye-catching mural depicting a gaucho (Brazilian cowboy) at a fogo de chão (campfire). The bartender informed me that the gaucho is symbolic of the original owner’s uncle in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Fogo de Chão is a creative culinary concept which offers diners endless servings of 16 different meats -- all sliced, diced and served tableside. Gaucho chefs carrying skewered beef ancho (rib eye), cordeiro (lamb), lombo (pork loin) and my all-time favorite linguica (sausage) bustle about the 320-seat space as if they are dancing to a choreographed number.

The pace of the meal is controlled by the diner. Flip a card to the green side to eat more meat or the red side to take a I quickly learned when a towering inferno of food appeared before me after a mere two minutes. The filet mignon and linguica (sausage) were among my favorites. Mr. Chat, on the other hand, could not stop raving about the alcatra (top sirloin) and fraldinha (bottom sirloin).

In addition to men armed with meat, Fogo de Chão offers an overwhelmingly amazing salad bar featuring an accoutrement of authentic side dishes. This is certainly the most robust buffet I’ve ever experienced…not to mention one of the cleanest. From mouthwatering mozzarella and roasted asparagus to a rich smoked salmon and an out-of-this-world chicken salad; this bar is not for the bashful. Even meatless patrons have a place at the table as the restaurant offers a salad bar-only option for both lunch and dinner. Just the salad bar alone is worth a visit.

Fogo de Chão is located at 200 Dartmouth Street, Boston. My meal was courtesy of Fogo de Chão. 

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