Monday, January 28, 2013

Beauty in Boston :: Arianna Skin Care

I was thrilled when Arianna Skin Care finally opened its doors in Boston a few months ago. I was even more excited when I was invited to their media preview party. I was first introduced to the beauty retailer while vacationing in Newport, Rhode Island last summer. You can read all about my Newport experience here.

Upon entering Arianna's Tremont Street location in downtown Boston, I noticed that the white-washed walls were lined with products wrapped with Arianna's signature gold emblem -- a change from the store's previous product, Avani.

Founder, Miri Torres, had been working tirelessly with a team of experts to develop a line of mineral-based products from the Dead Sea exclusively for her beauty business. Torres, who was born in Israel and diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in her teens, began working on the all-natural skin care line in 2007 after personal success using similar treatments from the Mideast region.

Guests sipped on Veuve Clicquot, sampled savory sushi and other delectables (courtesy of Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen) and participated in mini-makeovers. Arianna's resident make-up expert, Sagi, used beautiful neutral tones from MICA Beauty to give me a soft and alluring glow. I then added a red pout for a pop of pizzazz. When it comes to reds, I live and die by Burberry Military Red.

My gift bag was certainly one to write home about -- overflowing with luscious lotions, buttery balms and sensuous serums. I decided to take my time and indulge in each product before writing my review to allow my skin to reap their full benefits. These small miracles from the Dead Sea have since transformed my bath into an effervescent oasis while also harboring my skin from the deep chill that has recently blanketed Boston. As an escape from the elements, I have been indulging in nightly rituals of Arianna's silky Shower Milk Refiner followed by a layer of Ultra Rich Mineral Body Butter.

Arianna's Skin Renewal Facial Peel, infused with natural plant extracts and essential oils, has seriously saved me. The peel has gently sloughed off dry and dead impurities; leaving the delicate skin on my face smooth and swoon-worthy. Following the peel, I've used Arianna's Skin Balance Revitalizing Gel Cream to lock in moisture and enhance a youthful glow.

Arianna Skin Care is located at 151 Tremont Street in Boston and worth a visit since more wintry weather is on the horizon. Also visit the beauty boutique on Martha's Vineyard and in Newport, Rhode Island.



Products were courtesy of Arianna.


  1. I have been meaning to visit! It looks like such a calming and lovely space.


    1. Hi Kara,

      I think you would enjoy the vibe and décor...and also the products. Thank you for commenting.

  2. you look gorgeous! their packaging is so chic.

    1. Merci beaucoup Jaime. Rougissant {blushing}.

  3. So beautiful (per usual!) It's so fitting that you were invited and love all of the details they clearly put a lot of thought into :)

  4. I've been there last month and made a new friend, Jade. She works at the Boston store. She talked about my skin that I always take a good care of but during my trip to the States I wasn't doing anything. My sking needed some help for sure. She put a drop of the skin renewal facial peel in one of my hands and I could notice the difference, and it was a lot different. I bought the peel and a toner and she gave me a discount. There are a lot of bad reviews about the store, about the pricey products, yes i think they are expensive but there are other brands for the same price and the effects are not the same. Arianna products are really good and I can see changes on my skin every time I use my peel. No redness on my face, reduces my pores, renews my skin. Anyway, i hope people can find Jade there, aslo read about a girl named Emmy who was nice and people complained about some salesmen, but I didn't see anyone being rude, just the opposite, nice people being friendly to other costumers. I am happy with my products and got a discount.