Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beauty and the Bath :: Frank Webb's Bath Center

With May coming to an end in just a few days, so is National Home Improvement Month. If you weren't aware of the 31-day fete dedicated to facelifts for your home, do not fret. If you ask me, any day is a good day to repair and restore all that is rusted and in need of retirement in and around your humble abode.

One of my favorite rooms in a home is the bathroom. Although I love my master bath, my fantasy oasis is an ultra-luxe, spa-inspired space flaunting an expansive marble vanity, Japanese soaking tub and heated tile shower with cascading rainfall. And accessories for added ambience -- think scented candles, soft jazz, a glass of rosé and Calgone to take me (and my troubles) away. Pure bliss, I tell you.

For a look into what's trending in the world of bathrooms, I spoke with Deb Dumel, manager and design consultant at Frank Webb's Bath Center. With more than a thirty locations in the northeast and a stunning showroom in South Boston, the luxury retailer can turn bubble bath dreams (like mine) into a reality.

According to Dumel, consumers who walk into Frank Webb are looking for their dream bathroom -- a vision that often leads them to designing a resort-style retreat. "A majority of people get their inspiration from hotels and want build the same bathroom in their home," Dumel said.

With 15 years of design experience under her belt, Dumel offers consumers expert advice on anything from flooring and fixtures to lightening and limestone. A top trend she is witnessing in bath remodels this season is the transition from a dual bath and shower stall to a standing tile shower. With tile adding to a bathroom's décor aesthetic and a standing shower adding square footage to an often petite space, there's much to be envied. Consumers, Dumel added, are also installing luxury amenities to their shower such as steam.

Color choice is also important as it pulls a room together. Consumers are forgoing the once popular Earth tones for sleek grays, metallics and whites when picking paint and tile. Chrome faucets and glass shower doors are also gaining momentum as both offer a contemporary look and are easy to maintain.

Frank Webb's Bath Center has multiple locations and also specializes in kitchen remodels. For ideas and inspiration, visit Deb Dumel and her design team at 307 Dorchester Avenue in South Boston.

{images courtesy of Frank Webb's Bath Center}


  1. Those chandeliers in the third picture! LOVE!

  2. I helped my mom renovate a bathroom last summer and it was so much fun (but also a lot of work) picking out the various elements. Of course it ran late and over budget (as renos always seem to do) but it was so worth it! I'd almost move home to use the bathroom!


    1. Renovations always seem to go over budget...maybe it's because you decided to upgrade a product or fixture at the last minute without remorse.

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