Monday, June 24, 2013

Animals in Art :: Animal Rescue League of Boston

When the Animal Rescue League of Boston invited me to the unveiling of "Dancing with Spheres" I was thrilled at the idea of taking part in such a memorable occasion. The sun-drenched May afternoon welcomed supporters, four-legged friends, local politicians and the media to the League's dog play yard at 10 Chandler Street in Boston for a grand celebration.

Commissioned by Tony Lopes, an artist and retired art teacher, the 12-foot tall work of art marries his two lifelong loves: art and animals. Lopes partnered with David Phillips, an artist based out of Medford, to bring his vision to life. Phillips also designed the infamous frogs at the Boston Public Garden.

In addition to brining beauty to a much needed area of the South End, "Dancing with Spheres" is sure to draw crowds, provoke creative thought and spark conversation. The stainless steel and bronze sculpture captures various animals in motion with some having special meaning for Phillips. The dog holding an ice cream cone was inspired by his niece's ice cream shop and her dog Scoop while the cat represents the artist's 19-year-old feline Luna.

As the white drape lifted and the sculpture's essence revealed for the fist time in public, the crowd sang in joy and amazement. The dog and cat playfully holding hands is a beautiful interpretation of love and friendship. The regal rabbit situated at the bottom caught my eye immediately. Giving off a dapper and refined aura, the hare stole my heart and is my favorite animal in the sculpture...sorry cat.

"Dancing with Spheres" reminds us that animals bring unconditional love and devotion into our lives and that we should do the same. You don't have to be a pet owner or an art aficionado to relish in its beauty and meaning. The public work of art is for everyone, although furry friends and their human owners are sure to hold a greater appreciation. Have you hugged your dog, cat...or rabbit today?

David Phillips & Tony Lopes


  1. Aww... this is adorable! Definitely a great addition to our city. :)

  2. What a great event to be a part of! The sculptures are smile inducing for sure :)

  3. So cute! I love the dog and cat dancing together. If only they did that in real life!