Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Showers

Today is the first official day of summer. Hooray! Finally! Thanks for coming! I'm sure those of you who live in Boston and New England thought the sun-kissed season would never arrive. But we say that every year and every year, summer inevitably shows up...late. I don’t know about you, but my summer calls for maxi dresses, flip-flops, outdoor cocktails and endless days near the ocean. I also like to modify my beauty regiment as the heat and humidity settle into the city -- favoring lighter cosmetics and softer fragrances.

Recently, the publicity team behind Shower to Shower sent me three invigorating body powders to sample for the upcoming summer season. That's right. You remember Shower to Shower. They had the adorable (I'll never get this out of my head) jingle back in the 1980s "A sprinkle a day, helps keep orders away. Have yourself a sprinkle today." I mean, how could anyone forget?!

Today, Shower to Shower is better than ever and even formulated in five different fragrances...including one for men. I’m not always in the mood to wear heavy perfumes in the summer and often reserve my richer scents for the fall and winter seasons. Shower to Shower's Island Fresh, Breeze Fresh and Morning Fresh have been a nice addition to my summer scent collection. And the powders aren't just for your skin. A sprinkle a day can refresh so much more as I discovered while crafting my five sprinkle-worthy spots to use Shower to Shower:
  • Shoes :: shower sneakers and boots (especially those belonging to the man in your life) with Sport
  • Sleepwear :: sweep Island Fresh infused with pear, apple plum and orange on robes, nightgowns and undergarments.
  • Sheets :: sleep with soothing lavender, juniper and amber and awake feeling Morning Fresh
  • Sand :: sprinkle Breeze Fresh on wet sand that clings to skin after a day at the beach and simply brush the sand away.
  • Suitcase :: scatter luggage lining with the chamomile, rose and sandalwood found in Original Fresh
I'm loving Island Fresh and its beautiful blend of fruits which are perfect for day and night. Another favorite is Morning Fresh with its hint of lavender and also because it's available in a petite portion perfect for travel.

Products and images courtesy of Shower to Shower. 

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