Monday, September 30, 2013

From Brain to Blog

Acadia National Park :: Bar Harbor, Maine

I've always been a firm believer in quality over quantity. This is something my mother had ingrained in me at a very young age. One example of her belief involved handbags. My mother always said it was better to have one, two or how ever many you could comfortably afford high-quality handbags than to have too many that were poorly made. This philosophy can be applied in many aspects of one's life and not just meaningless material items. I'm wise to mother's words and have applied her advice to my blog too...hence my recent hiatus.

The truth is, I've been in a creative rut. If you’re a writer, blogger, designer or artist, you know exactly what I mean. With the exception of a few noteworthy stories which included Boston Mints, the Animal Rescue League of Boston and local label Venni Caprice, I took a break from the blog this summer to smile, smell, touch, taste, read (books and glossy magazines) and explore -- without feeling that I had to dot my Is and cross my Ts every single weekend or write aimlessly and without purpose for the sake of producing a post.

As September 30 leaves its mark on yet another year, I've come to realize that my summer sojourn has crept into fall. How did that happen?! I can't believe it's sweater time and stocking season once again. With New York Fashion Week at a wrap and Boston Fashion Week in full swing, I have plans for some quality content on the blog. One story (that's in development) will introduce readers to a talented photographer and her recent work at New York Fashion Week.

My current challenge is gathering my thoughts and organizing my travels (I've been longing to write about my time in Maine and Rhode Island) to the point where my work will seamlessly go from brain to blog with the blink of an eye à la Samantha Stephens. Ha! If it were only that easy, kittens. Stay in tuned.