Friday, January 10, 2014

Beautiful Things

Happy New Year, kittens! As we bid farewell to the first full week of 2014, I wanted to close this week with a crush I'm having on a few beautiful things from the lovely Za Za Bellagio.

Lately, Rue Le Chat has been lacking in beauty and creativity. It's sad, but true. Maybe it's the daily demands of adult life and real world responsibility. Or perhaps I'm slowly outgrowing this blog. Gasp! Heaven forbid! I hope that's not it. Actually, I know that's not it. This little creative corner of mine has opened many amazing doors and introduced to me to even more amazing people. And I hope it continues to do so, but it's all what I put into it. With that said, I'll continue to write and entertain when I have fabulous finds to share with you and the rest of the world.

In all honesty, my lack of blogging has been replaced with a reconnection to life…strolling through the snow, ice skating falling while on skates, snuggling up to Manolo and Mr. Chat on snowy evenings, laughing with friends (old and new), sampling robust red wines, using my new grey KitchenAid mixer to blend concoctions for mouth-watering desserts and the list continues. You have to live in the moment, seize the day and even skip an Instagram or two.

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