Friday, January 24, 2014

Chic of the Week :: Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week

If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Pinterest, then you know just how utterly breathless I am with anything Elie Saab. Synonymous with goddess-like gowns layered with bespoke beading and intricate appliqué, Saab did not disappoint Wednesday at the couture shows in Paris. As pastels permeated the high-fashion promenade in of-the-moment materials and striking silhouettes, it was clearly another successful event for the Lebanese-born couturier.

Floral motifs, whimsical lace and dipped-necklines lined the runway in vibrant canary, iced lilac and striking sable. And an ode to ombré introduced chiffon gowns graduated in tone from black-to-violet-to-rose and finishing in a color reminicent of a dusty snow. Breathtaking indeed and truly too beautiful for words. Oh what I wouldn't do to sit at one of his shows. Perhaps the universe is listening today or perhaps I'm just lucky enough spending a evening wearing a masterpiece.


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  1. love those dresses. the first one is my favorite :)


  2. Yes. The first dress is very unique. I'm in love with the lilac one-shoulder the most. That high-slit is so very Angelina Jolie...and so very me.

  3. i am obsessed with elie saab. my favorites were all of the blush pink dresses...swoon!! i'm never disappointed by his shows!!

    1. I LOVED those too and should have included them. I can't wait for his next show.

  4. wow this is a beautiful collection! *new obsession*

  5. I want to wear that gown so bad