Monday, February 10, 2014

Pantone Color of the Year :: Radiant Orchid

Hannibal Laguna

As many of you know, radiant orchid is the Pantone Color of the Year. And if you know me well (*ahhem* Kristin), you know just how head over heels I am about this enchanting harmony of purple, fuchsia and pink.  

As a little girl, I wore purple sparkles on my nails. When I was a teen, I danced my prom night away in a purple gown. In college, purple covered almost every inch of my dorm room
(*ahhem* again Kristin). Purple (paired with silver) was also the color scheme for my formal college graduation party. Even my father wore a purple-inspired tie with a grey suit at the beck and call of his daughter. Yes, I styled him for the occasion.

It’s said that orchid intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. The rich hue also encourages creativity and expands originality. This speaks volumes because it describes ME to a tee. With creativity deeply etched in my bones, I’d say there's no wondering why I’ve been passionate about purple for decades.

But with maturity comes change and with change comes distinction. And at some point (perhaps in my early-20s), my lust and consumption for all-things lilac graduated into a fixation for something else. Something gorgeous. Something grown-up. That something was grey.

I wonder what Pantone would say about grey?! Does a love for the dusty hue mean a person is less prolific? I hope not. Grey has always struck me as mellow, mysterious and mature. I think Pantone should give grey a go in the coming years. I believe that in life, there's always room for more than one color to spark and seduce your senses.

What do you think about radiant orchid? What color would you like to see as a Pantone Color of the Year?

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