Friday, August 22, 2014

All Hail the Zodiac

I've always been fond of “seeing into the future.” So naturally when I came across a recent Sagittarius horoscope on Refinery 29, I knew I had to share this glimpse into what some may say is meant to be. Could it be a mere coincidence that the stars have aligned precisely as these millennial wordsmiths have predicted? Perhaps. But for all I know, it's as simple as destiny and as beautiful as fate.

2015 Sagittarius Horoscope

"In the coming year, until August 2015, you may travel overseas to an exciting, exotic city far from home, to a location new to you. If you cannot get away to travel, you may expand your horizons in other ways, such as by going back to the university to get an advanced degree. Jupiter will not only open the door to make this opportunity possible but probable (assuming that would be a goal for you)."

I'm more of a European traveler than a Caribbean and South/Central America vacation goer. With that said, Buenos Aires still ranks high on my list, but places like the the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and Costa Rica just don't do it for me…although all quite lovely. Exotic European locales on my list include: Madeira, Capri and Santorini. My mom and I have been talking about a girls trip to Madeira for years. We need to make Maderia happen. Agora! Oh and let's add (French) St. Martin to the list. C'est bon.

As far as education goes, I don't need another advanced degree. Just for the heck of it, however, I’d love to crack open the books again and saturate myself into something like art history or theater arts -- something really cool that won't necessarily get me a job in that field (I'm content writing), but will sharpen my creativity and spark that vivid, only-child imagination that still runs deep.

"Also, glittering for you will be opportunities in broadcasting and publishing, as staff worker or as subject of an interview that may bring outstanding applause for your work. With Jupiter in the twelfth house, that indicates that you will have VIPs behind the scenes to help you in your career. Be ready with a polished resume and bio, for the new moon on August 25 will open the floodgates to new career offers that would give you the opportunity to raise your status and influence in your industry."

I mean, if this is not THE horoscope of horoscopes, then I don't know what is. This is just the type of fuel a Sagittarius hungry for her “big break” needs. Although my professional writing career began in 2002 and then took a hiatus for approximately 6 years (yeah, what the eff was I thinking?!), writing for me has always been a place where I go to escape the (sometimes) inescapable.

This month has also reinvigorated my passion for broadcasting, both as a reporter and subject, with the on-camera time in Saratoga Springs. According to the stars high up above, August 25 will usher in new opportunities that could CATapult my media career to the next level. We'll see, kittens. We'll see.
"While this may be a whirlwind few months, Sag, do not neglect your health. Now's the time to kick those bad habits to the curb, or seek help for any personal issues that need to be resolved. Make a change for the best. Know that all things are possible in the coming year, dear Sagittarius, for it’s simply dazzling.

Health and wellness are both very important in my life. Although sometimes I feel like I have 5 full-time jobs, I always make a point to take time out for me -- physically, emotionally and spiritually. Lack of sleep and caffeine overload combined with my "go, go, go" routine can start to take its toll after a few days since I'm no longer a spring chick. Yoga, cardio, writing, a walk on the beach, a kiss from Mr. Chat, a meow from Manolo, face-to-face time with family and friends (cue in a cappuccino or glass of wine for conversation sake) -- these are the people, places and things that help to calm me and put life into perspective.

images via Refinery 29

What does your horoscope have in store for 2015?

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