Monday, June 8, 2015

Museum of Fine Arts Summer Party

There's nothing like dressing up for a formal affair. From hair and make-up to clothing and accessories, they're pieces of an intricate puzzle that must be carefully chosen and strategically placed in hopes of producing a finished product worthy of being called elegant.

My infatuation with beauty and style stems from my mother. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, I'd ogle her for hours as she primped for a night out with my father or luncheon with the girls. My mother served as treasurer to a members-only, ladies club which was beyond alluring to her then adolescent daughter. I longed to sit in the parlor with these wise elders and listen to their exotic tales and novel-worthy gossip. But usually, I tuned in from afar as I dolled up Barbie and Ken for another gleaming, yet imaginary, social occasion.

As Mr. Chat and I stepped out for the MFA Summer Party Saturday night, it took me back to the days of beautifying my Barbie and Ken. Mr. Chat wore Calvin Klein, a new addition to his formalwear, while I donned a flowing chiffon (in a darling color called 'meadow') by Halston Heritage. My gown mimicked the classic gems worn by Grace Kelly and Katherine Hepburn during Hollywood's Golden Age, but with a modern twist. I was nervous about the trendy keyhole design and a looming wardrobe malfunction, but all was tucked and tailored to perfection. My finishing touches: a pair of garden-inspired, ankle strap heels from Ivanka Trump, a vintage clutch that's a million years old and a pair of chandelier drops that I also wore on my wedding day. My hair was styled in a simple blowout with a focus on soft, yet dramatic make-up by Nars.

Hosted by the Museum Council, an exclusive group for young art enthusiasts in Boston, the Summer Party has remained a social calendar must-have for more than 10 years. The annual fête, commanding the Shapiro Family Courtyard, ushers in the summer season while providing vital support for the Museum of Fine Arts. A portion of the proceeds from this year's soirée will benefit an endowed Museum Council Special Exhibition Fund.

The Chats with the Mezrichs and the Ms. Fits 

Lime Green Icicle Tower - jaw-dropping, blown glass sold to the MFA in 2011.
Artist - Dale Chihuly

My beautiful friend Elissa of Style-Wire.

We'll be in the next edition of Us Weekly's Who Wore It Best

Social butterflies commanding high fashion

I had the best night

And then, this morning's society page in the Boston Herald….


  1. Great post. Adorable end of the night photo!

  2. You looked adorable at the event dear and I am glad that you had fun that day. I am also going to attend small community event at SF event venues and need suggestions for dress. Please help me.

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