Friday, October 30, 2015

Chic of the Week: Felines and their Famous Friends

Elizabeth Taylor // 1940

I hope all you cat-loving lovelies took a moment to celebrate National Cat Day yesterday (October 29) with your favorite feline. Manolo was gracious enough to model his beloved devil ears for a quick Instagram. Look for him at #ManoloBoston. National Cat Day should not be confused with other cat celebrations such as International Cat Day (August 8) or National Hug Your Cat Day (May 30), but as a certified crazy cats lady, I don't need a holiday to shower Manolo (or any cat for that matter) with copious amounts of love and affection.

Cat ladies are often categorized as single, strange and a bit sinister (think Edie Beale in Grey Gardens). But we aren't always covered in fur and walking around aimlessly carrying a full conversation with Fluffy - not always. For the most part, feline-loving females are sophisticated, well-dressed women of prominence who are worthy of praise for their sense of style and sensible choice in pet. Here's a look at what happens when 10 leading ladies from Hollywood's golden age pose with some very cute kitty cats. 

 Ann-Margaret // 1964

Julie Christie // 1963

Sofia Loren // 1962

Audrey Hepburn // 1961

 Brigitte Bardot // 1955

Jane Mansfield // 1955

Josephine Baker // 1931

BeBe Daniels // 1928

images // Town & Country

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