Monday, January 19, 2015

Pantone Color of the Year :: Marsala

Meet Marsala! This rich and romantic hue is Pantone's Color of the Year and its intensity runs deep within my wedding flowers. According to Pantone, the earthy red wine color enriches the mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. My floral color palette is actually a combination of Marsala and Radiant Orchid, a color known for creativity and imagination, and Pantone's pick in 2014.

Marsala is massive and by that I mean it can range from a vibrant cranberry to a smoky burgundy. The color embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated aura, Pantone explained in a press release. "This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, design, home furnishings and interiors."

Designed by the creative professionals at Stoneblossom, my flowers were a true testament to my vision. Well, "our" vision to be exact. I can't leave Mr. Chat out in the cold. We longed for an old-world opulence blended with a modern-day romance and we captured this aura by way of royal tones such as gold, magenta, ruby and emerald. This was a look and feel Sherry Scott, event manager and designer at the Rhode Island-based florist, forged against the already-lush and well-manicured landscape at The Chanler at CliffWalk.

One of the most precious items I carried on my wedding day was my bouquet. Also known as the Polly bouquet, the custom-made creation carried (and still does since I've had it professionally preserved) a tremendous amount of history and sentiment that it's difficult to know where to begin with its enchanting story.

If you ask me, the Polly bouquet is a work of art and way more beautiful than I had initially envisioned. It was crafted of the finest O'hara garden roses, amnesia roses, dahlias, ranunculus and seeded eucalyptus. The finishing touch, and what actually gives the arrangement its name, is its emerald toned tail feathers. Never heard the name Polly mentioned on the blog before? Well, he's a parrot. One day, 30 years ago, my father brought him home from Panama and that tale, my friends, is for my autobiography…or another blog post. 

Today, Polly lives with a new family. I mean a girl (or parrot for that matter) could not ask for more wonderful parents than the couple who adopted Polly nearly two years ago. Polly had been shedding his tail feathers since he arrived at his new home (something very natural that he also did when I was growing up). Coincidentally, his parents had been saving the feathers (in a parrot jar no less) for no particular reason. As a matter of fact, the couple joked with their friends about what they should do with the mounting collection. Last summer, I called Polly's parents to inquire about the possibility of incorporating some of his feathers into my bouquet (if in fact he'd shed any) and the rest is history. 

My bouquet's stem was wrapped in silk champagne remnants from my wedding gown and dressed with brass buttons from my father's U.S. Army coat. As a tribute to my late father's memory and the bird he loved so very much (I love Polly too), I incorporated this intimacy as a way to keep them both close to my heart. Here's a look at more stunning pieces designed for us on our special day.

Matron of Honor bouquet :: amnesia roses, dahlias,
lace flowers and seeded eucalyptus

Centerpieces :: antique local hydrangeas, South American hydrangeas,
chocolate Queen Anne's lace, amnesia roses, dahlias, sea oats,
cymbidium orchids, steel berries, ranunculus, astilbes & seeded eucalyptus

Monday, January 12, 2015

Cat Chat :: Dunwello Appoints Mezrich & Her Mavens

Photo // Russ Mezikofsky

I'm thrilled to welcome 2015 with some very exciting news: I'm a maven! What does that mean exactly? Well, in this case, it's a hand-selected expert for Dunwello, a Boston startup designed to help individuals deliver online feedback and recognition to industry professionals. 

When brand ambassador and executive advisor, Tonya Mezrich, approached me about the idea, I was honored to say the least. Mezrich, whose designer dossier includes co-founder of fashion brand Mike&Ton and principal fashion expert and style correspondent for StyleBoston, said she was elated when company founder Matt Lauzon appointed her to the highly-regarded post

"Dunwello will completely mold the service industry in Boston by helping professionals brand and market themselves as individuals." Mezrich said. "It will allow professionals to take their reviews with them when they transition to new companies. This is huge for the longevity and brand building of the individual."

Mezrich has crafted an exclusive list of Boston tastemakers who city dwellers often call upon when looking for tried-and-true recommendations in the lifestyle arena. "You have to be someone who is 'in the know.'" Mezrich said about the members of this coveted club. "Someone who has their pulse on what is hot and who might know about up and coming professionals who haven't yet been saturated."

Looking for a cutting edge hair stylist? Check. Need the most luxurious facial in the Back Bay? Mezrich's mavens have you covered. In addition to me, this social butterfly, with a contact list as far as the eye can see, has also crowned to the throne: Jessica Diaz and Alisa Kapinos of Ms. Fit for Society, Kennedy Elsey of Mix 104.1, and Tiffany Dowd of Luxe Tiffany. There are more mavens on the move, so stay tuned.

Starting my year off on a fresh and utterly fabulous foot, I've selected 5 professionals in Boston's beauty and wellness industry who I’ve come to know, trust and adore. Click on the links below and get to know a little about the talented ladies who make me look and feel like a million bucks.

Caitlin Young // Hair Stylist // Salon Capri
Manuela Rodrigues // Master Stylist // The Loft Salon
Jessica Diaz // Barre Instructor // Equinox, Yoga Room, Charlestown Yoga  
Marina Kovalenko // Personal Trainer // Bodyscapes Fitness 
Melinda // Esthetician // The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston 

Who are your go-to professionals? Leave a comment below and create a Dunwello profile here to let the world know. And don't forget to visit my Dunwello page regularly for more rave reviews. Happy New Year!

Tonya Mezrich managing emcee duties at Sparkle 7 and Lisa Pierpont, editor-in-chief at Boston Common, modeling mike&ton // Photo Russ Mezikofsky