Monday, September 14, 2015

Brimfield Antiques Show | September 2015


This year marked the 55th season of the the highly-touted and always-anticipated Brimfield outdoor antiques and collectibles show. The yearly event takes place in May, July and September each year, running from Tuesday to Sunday. Mr. Chat, my mom and I hit the road at approximately 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and our 66 miles drive from Boston took us 4 hours. That's right ... 4 LONG hours of crawling, stop-and-go, and a quick bathroom break. Note to self, avoid Brimfield on the weekend unless you leave the house well before sunrise. I can't imagine the traffic being as hair-pulling on a leisurely Wednesday or Thursday, but maybe it's just always busy during showtime.

The event is massive and so incredibly overwhelming, you may need to go all 6 days if you truly want to discover, uncover and explore everything your heart desires at a leisurely pace. I found lots of trash and an almost equal amount of treasure. I was really there to scope out the fashion and style magazines from yesteryear because you know just how much I love looks from the '40s, '50s and '60s. Surprisingly, there was a good amount of women's magazines dating back to even the early twentieth century when skirts were just beginning to inch from floor length to well above the ankle and women were sporting the popular bob hairstyle (think of the chic, playful style Mary Crawley debuted in Downton Abbey season 5).

I was completely mesmerized by Today's Secretary from 1955 which I bought for 25 cents - a steal considering it cost 35 cents in its heyday. A book rack made from reclaimed wood to hold the endless rows of vintage magazines I planned to buy was another big draw. The writer in me couldn't help but drool over the beauty and depth of an Oliver typewriter - what gorgeous craftsmanship. I was jazzed by a display of well-kept phonographs. Seriously, I was born in the wrong decade. A European-style mirror surrounded by wood from an old door and dressed with a mantel salvaged from a cast iron radiator made me do a double take even with its cool $1,000 price tag. Lastly, as a girl who grew up playing with Barbie and Ken, I had to take a quick snap of the happy couple in their wedding attire.

Visit the Brimfield antiques and collectibles show in 2016: 
May 10-15
July 12-17 
September 6-11

Friday, September 4, 2015

Newport and Her Southern Sisters

Beginning this weekend, embark on an enchanting journey at Rosecliff as you explore the relationship between glitzy Newport, Rhode Island and the aristocratic American South. From New Orleans, Charleston and Baltimore to Virginia's fabled plantations and the winter playground of Palm Beach, relish in never-before-seen gowns, portraits, and furniture from a storied past. I live for this kind of history and looking forward to my visit later in the fall. 

The exhibit tells the tale of a war-torn history filled with wealth, romance and breathtaking fashion in four chronological chapters: the colonial period (1492 to 1763), the antebellum period (1789 to 1849), the post-Civil War era (1865 to 1877), and the Gilded Age (late 19th century). Revel in the mansion's newly upgraded gallery space where this collection will be on display and survey items hailing from several Preservation Society properties, as well as loans from the private collections of families with ties to both Newport and the South.

"The close bond between Newport and the South – through trade, tourism and marriage – didn't stop with the Civil War. In fact, Southerners like Alva Vanderbilt and Ward McAllister helped define Newport as the Crown jewel of Gilded Age society," Dr. Laurie Ossman, Preservation Society Museum Affairs Director, said in a press release.

Newport and Her Southern Sisters: Three Centuries of Art and Design is on display through January 3, 2016.

Photos // Nicholas Mele

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pantone Color Picks for Fall 2015

As September ushers in the end to summer and bitter-sweet start to fall, fashion aficionados will bid adieu to white linens and neutral cottons in favor of rich flavors and deep palates. Color plays an important role in setting the tone for the fashion season and no one knows this better than Pantone. Spearheading what's lust-worthy in pigments, paints and other pretty things, this global authority on color asked designers from New York Fashion Week to select the top color trends for fall 2015. Here's my take on what the experts had to say.

Dried Herb
Olive green was once designated exclusively for military garments and safari styles. Today, this earthy hue (flaunting hints of avocado and lime) commands the attention of Elie Saab who designs must-have pieces like this chic full-body jumpsuit and matching duster coat.

Desert Sage
Green + Gray = Desert Sage. Call it Dried Herb's distant cousin, if you will. Dennis Basso channels the softness of this muted tone in a plush pull-over. 


Stormy Weather 
I once wrote about Claire Underwood, the ice queen of television drama with a couture-lined closet a mile long. It wouldn't surprise me if Mrs. Underwood's wardrobe includes a plethora of steely Michael Kors like the ones found in the designer's ready-to-wear collection this season.


Oak Buff
Like golden rays peeking through turbid clouds after a storm-ridden day (literally and figuratively speaking), so is the intensity of Oak Buff. Badgley Mischka welcomes this fusion of mustard, canary and gold with a dazzling gown worthy of awards season.

Rich, dramatic and full-bodied are not only the words plucked to describe a palate-pleasing red wine. They're also elements found in Pantone's color of the year, Marsala. Mugler designs an alluring two-piece with clean lines and bold accents. I need this in my closet! 


Biscay Bay
Biscay Bay is where azure waters meet leafy green palms. Look closely and you'll notice the color is deeper than the undertones of the Caribbean sea and edgier than the brilliance of a gem. Michael Kors casts a wintry spell on summer's most sought-after hue with the production of this teal coat.


Reflecting Pond
Polished and refined - choice words that come to mind with Reflecting Pond. This solid navy commands sensible style. J.Crew takes a casual, yet elegant approach by pairing stone-washed denim with a swank blazer and ornate scarf dressed with gold embellishments. 


Cadnium Orange
Cadnium Orange pays homage to the vibrant styles of the '60s and '70. Both youthful and optimistic, this color is soulful while remaining seasoned. Balmin channels juicy tangerine in this delicate micro dripping with fringe. 


Cashmere Rose 
Cashmere Rose is not just another pretty pink. This divine choice speaks volumes especially when utilized by Chanel.

Amethyst Orchid
If purple is the symbol of royalty, then Amethyst Orchid is its crown jewel (so to speak). Imperial and feminine with a diverse palate in its depth, this violet and plum blend beckons nobles to court and inspires the likes of modern man, Tadashi Shoji.

images // Beauty Press and