Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fashion Group International of Boston: The Role of Representation

(L to R) Nash Yacoub, Avra Myers Jo Swan, and Emmanuelle Accad

Fashion Group International of Boston welcomed Avra Myers of A Ruby, Jo Swani of The Moxie Agency, and Emmanuelle Accad of Neiman Marcus to discuss the Role of Representation. Moderated by Nash Yacoub of SUCCARRA, this panel of seasoned fashion and public relations professionals focused on the importance of building a solid brand and maintaining a positive public presence for your product.

"You have to know who you are and who you want to be," said Myers about launching a clothing line. "I had a brand designer before I began designing clothes. She motivated and inspired me because her branding was so strong."

"The product has to live up to what it's claiming," echoed Swani. "Your product has to be top notch so you and your publicist can succeed."

Accad, who leads the public relations efforts for Neiman's Boston location, emphasized the value of hosting grassroots in-store events and securing the appropriate media coverage. She manages a number of corporate and local events per year that include high-end designer labels and luxury cosmetic lines.

Fashion Group International dates back to 1928 when Edna Woolman Chase, editor-in-chief of Vogue, gathered 17 women for lunch at a midtown Manhattan restaurant. The group had three things in common: each woman worked in the fashion industry, each held all the others in high regard and collectively they believed fashion was in need of a grand stage to increase public awareness about American fashion and women's role in the business.

Within two years, The Fashion Group® became an organization with a place, a purpose, by-laws, officers and women eager to become members. Click here to learn more about joining Fashion Group International of Boston.


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