Monday, October 31, 2016

Boston Ballet's Le Corsaire

On October 27, Boston Ballet kicked off its 2016-2017 season with the North American premiere of Ivan Liška’s rendezvous on pointe, Le Corsaire. French for “the pirate,” this harrowing love story follows a fair maiden and a debonair pirate determined to save her from a pasha eager to add her to his harem. 

Conrad vows to rescue his beloved Medora from the pasha’s harem. The pasha has purchased the young girl from her foster father Lankedem, but before she is sent to live with the wealthy ruler, Medora implores Conrad to save her.  Conrad whisks Medora to a private island, but in a distressing turn of events, Conrad is poisoned by his friend – allowing Lankedem to capture Medora and return her to the pasha. When Conrad awakens, he and the corsairs ambush the pasha’s harem and free Medora.

Le Corsaire hails from the golden era of classical ballet, and it hasn’t been in our repertoire for several years,” said Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen in a press release. “Liška’s production is magnificent, with opportunities for spectacular, virtuoso dancing; technically challenging roles for both men and women; and brilliant corps de ballet scenes with stylish costumes and sets.”

Le Corsaire is an alluring ballet laden with rich textures and robust flavors (the evocative score is mesmerizing and the costumes will dazzle you). The narrative is loosely based on Lord Byron’s 1814 verse tale, The Corsair, and Boston Ballet has truly crafted a compelling love story with this season opener. Le Corsaire runs through November 6 at the Boston Opera House. Click here for tickets. 

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