Monday, April 11, 2016

What's New in 2016 with Clarins

Today, I’m thrilled to announce some beautiful news from Clarins. The French luxury skincare brand, which was started by Jacques Courtin in 1954, is partnering with FEED once again to launch the National Million Meal Mission. Staying loyal to its humanitarian principles, Clarins is aiming to provide 1,200,000 meals to children around the world in only 17 days. Nine retailers across the country will participate in this 'gift with purpose' initiative, so when you spend $75 on your favorite Clarins products, you'll receive a FEED 10 pouch filled with many luxurious goodies. Each FEED 10 bag represents ten school meals that will be provided to children in need globally. The moto: Feed your Skin, FEED your soul.

In February, Clarins introduced a truly amazing moisturizer duo: Multi-Active Jour and Multi-Active Nuit. The experts behind the brand say they have developed a technology so advances that it targets the first signs of skin-aging. And you know what?! I’m pleased to say that after a 2-month trial, I now have a winning skincare combination. Can I get an Amen, ladies? In just eight weeks, my skin’s texture has dramatically improved (even Mr. Chat has commented on its smoothness) and my stubborn hyper-pigmentation spots have faded considerably. Think of it as the fountain of youth in a beautiful glass jar.

Clarins’ new generation capsules deliver powerful teasel extract which is highly-sought after for its antioxidant and revitalizing benefits. It also protects from the harmful effects of a stressful lifestyle and promotes a youthful-looking face for longer. Stressful (multi-tasking) lifestyle is my middle name, so often times I feel like Clarins made these floral-scented elixirs just for me.

Multi-Active Jour // DAYTIME INNOVATION 
The extract of the South African myrothamnus plant helps absorb the harmful effects of daily stress. Available in: cream for all skin types, cream-gel for normal to combination skin, cream for dry skin, and cream SPF20 for $53.

The extract of organic California poppy, which closes at night to regenerate itself, helps compensate for the harmful effects of late nights and interrupted sleep. Available in: cream for normal to combination skin and cream for normal to dry skin for $56.

I love a bold, bright lip for spring, so it was truly love at first sight when I was introduced to Clarins’ new Rouge Eclat lipsticks for the spring season. Not only are the new shades a mesmerizing color palette of pinks in the likes of rose and cheery, but they’re also made from an age-defying formula containing mimosa, jojoba and sunflower. Available in (top to bottom): hot rose, pink cherry, pink blossom and rose praline for $27.
Products and images courtesy of Clarins.