Noelle is the founder & author of Rue Le Chat. Following a lengthy hiatus from writing and in search of her once vivacious voice, this journalism graduate was determined to reclaim her panache for storytelling. 
Inspired by her cat, Manolo, an
d adoration for all things chic and Parisian, Rue Le Chat is a play-on-words. Rue meaning street {in French}; chat meaning cat {in French} and also a form of expression {in English}.

Rue Le Chat is a conversation piece. As a creative spirit, Noelle has created a sanctuary for her infatuation with exceptional style and crush on beautiful things. She hopes to inspire you while sharing all that she loves about life. 

Dedicated to the memory of her father and his belief in her, Rue Le Chat is just the beginning of a beautiful story. In addition to this blog, you can read Noelle's work in the Patriot Ledger, the Boston Globe and South Shore Living magazine.